GS RichCopy 360 is the Ultimate File Copy Application

Posted on November 14, 2014


GS RichCopy 360  is the Ultimate File Copy Application


You need to copy a large collection of files from one server location to another.  It’s a task that should be so easy to implement – but you know how this simple task is littered with annoying frustrations such as:

  • Locked open files initiate endless “File in Use” errors and no matter what time you attempt to run this task, there always seem to be files in use.
  • Copy operations continually fail, alerting you that the file path is too long and needs to be modified
  • Since NTFS permissions by their very nature don’t carry over to a new partition, you’re stuck with reconfiguring the permissions of the newly copied files.


You’ve tried the traditional and archaic copy/paste operation.  You’ve even tried unsupported applications such as Robocopy, but simplicity continues to elude you and locked files still block you.


Now there’s a solution that copies the files you want, in the manner you want, without endless error prompts and user intervention.

The solution is called GS RichCopy 360 by GuruSquad.  No other file copy application does it better and simpler than GS RichCopy 360 and here’s why:


  • GS RichCopy 360 can copy the entire directory or only the modified files
  • GS RichCopy 360 handles locked files and those with incredibly long file path names
  • GS RichCopy 360 doesn’t require user intervention once the job is created when configured to run within our own proprietary scheduler.
  • GS RichCopy 360 sets destination folders to have the same date and time stamp as the source folders, unlike most copy tools that assign the copy date to destination folders, not the modify date.

GS RichCopy 360 is the ONLY file copy utility that utilizes Multi-Threading technology, resulting in 100% parallel computing operation.  While competitors continue to simply use the same core for multiple files, our proprietary patent pending technology distributes multiple threads through virtual cores.  So what does this advanced parallel computing technique mean for our customers?   It means a robust level of maximum performance during file copy operations that our competitors can’t begin to match.

So how does GS RichCopy 360 compare against other file copy utilities such as the Robocopy.  Click HERE for a feature by feature comparison.  Click HERE for a complete list of all of the powerful features offered by GS RichCopy 360.

The actual operation of copying files is a task that should be as easy as it sounds and with GS RichCopy 360 it is.

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