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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Group Policy and Active Directory

September 1, 2016


As a Windows domain administrator, we all depend on Group Policy to deliver configuration settings such as: ·        Security settings such as password and lockout policies ·        The correct display settings for the designated machine ·        The method in which Windows Updates will be delivered ·        Power management settings for portable devices We can also […]

The All-Wireless Workplace has Arrived!

September 30, 2015


A couple of months ago I wrote about a great feature of Server 2012R2 that gives administrators the ability to prevent those pesky personal wireless devices from obtaining DHCP addresses from your Windows Server, keeping them off your network and preserving some sense of control over your available bandwidth. There’s one little item I neglected to […]

Let’s Bore Ourselves Talking about the UPS

May 14, 2014


As I was sitting at my desk deciding on a topic for this month’s blog, I began pondering what cool exciting new network gadget I could review or elaborate on.   Writing about new technologies and discussing their impact upon our organizations and lives usually allots for topical discussion. As I was brain storming, a friend […]

Top Five Critical Security Controls According to SANS

November 21, 2013


Security is a paramount issue for Enterprise Managers and Network Administrators today. Your enterprise network is made up of hundreds or even thousands of stationary, mobile or VDI generated user desktops. To complicate matters, these desktops reside on all types of devices, hosting an assortment of operating systems. Each of these desktops is a vulnerability […]

Fortigate is Hard to Beat for the Money

June 2, 2013


Fortigate is Hard to Beet for the Money   Fortinet has been a darling of the stock market ever since its IPO in 2009 as its stock price has accelerated over recent years.  Its stock performance has mirrored the adoration that its line of security devices consistently receive.  Fortinet is the current UTM market leader, […]


June 2, 2013


DAS, NAS or SAN, the Differences are Greater than the Arrangement of Letters               – Part 1 The acronyms, NAS and SAN get thrown around constantly and there is often some degree of confusion between these two terms.  SAN stands for Storage Area Network and NAS stands for Network Attached Storage.  Though the main purpose of […]

The Reduced Footprint of Server 2012

February 28, 2013


One of the best features about Windows Server 2008 in my opinion was the introduction of the Server Core Edition.  Selecting this install stripped the OS down to its bare essentials, ridding itself of the graphic user interface entirely.  After logging on, the Windows splash screen would inform you that it was preparing your desktop […]

The Data Center Bubble

April 18, 2012


I was in a meeting the other day with my staff.  We were reviewing our current backup strategies and soon discovered several shortcomings in our current backup operations.  In summary, our data has grown faster than we anticipated years ago when we created our backup blueprint for the datacenter.  In fact, we quickly recognized that […]

Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 7 or Server 2008

July 10, 2011


Why Upgrade to Windows 7? Microsoft Mainstream Support ended in 2009 XP is holding you back from utilizing other Microsoft technologies The newly released IE9 which has some greatfeature upgrades isn’t supported by XP XP doesn’t support Live Essentials which is a crucial application suite that allows the user to take full advantage of Windows […]

The Little App Saved Me Today

June 20, 2011


Someone had deleted an entire folder directory just prior to the backup being run yesterday.  We had a prior backup but it was several days outdated.  I used this little app to recover the deleted files from the directory and it worked great.  Even better, it’s FREE!  Check it out.  Highly recommend it. One note […]