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The Innovative Disruption of the Cloud

August 23, 2016


The Innovative Disruption of the Cloud During the recent Azure nationwide tour, James Staten, General Manager of Cloud and Enterprise Strategy for Microsoft introduced a phrase that should be the mantra for all organizations competing in today’s economy, “If you don’t disrupt, you will be disrupted yourself.”   During the following session, a presenter then demonstrated […]

Yet One More Reason to Choose VRBO or AirBnB

August 10, 2016


As a VRBO/AirBnB Host myself, I usually seek out one of their rental offerings before even looking at a hotel when planning a trip.  However, this past weekend, my girlfriend and I just felt like getting away for a short one night weekend adventure in midtown Atlanta.  We had amassed a list of restaurants, pubs […]

What’s all this Talk about the Cloud?

January 27, 2016


  The cloud is a rather abstract term that is generically thrown around a lot these days in IT circles.  Behind the conceptual conjecture of the cloud is a complex collective infrastructure of servers, hypervisors and web applications and other components.  The definition of this inclusive concept of the cloud comes from the National Institute […]

The Data Center Bubble

April 18, 2012


I was in a meeting the other day with my staff.  We were reviewing our current backup strategies and soon discovered several shortcomings in our current backup operations.  In summary, our data has grown faster than we anticipated years ago when we created our backup blueprint for the datacenter.  In fact, we quickly recognized that […]

Bring Your Own Device

December 4, 2011


Bring You Own Device It is known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Technology), BYOT (Bring Your Own Devices) or the Consumerization of IT.  Whatever you call it, it is a new paradigm that is making its way across enterprise networks throughout the county as employees are bringing their own computer devices to work.  It seems […]

A New Path to a New Cheese

October 15, 2011


As we enter into the fifth year of the Great Recession, Americans are learning the same lesson their grandparents did in 1937, the seventh year of the Great Depression; that government has no magic solution to the current economic malaise.   More than that though, Americans are beginning to comprehend that the usual stuff isn’t working, […]

The New Labor Paradigm: Fractional Work

October 15, 2011


You may have never heard of the term fractional work, but you will. It is the new paradigm that is spreading across the globe and serves as a contributing factor for the lack of full-time jobs in this country.  Here’s the dirty little secret, the full-time job model as we know it is an outdated […]

The Cloud Will Impact us All

June 4, 2011


As a Manager/Network Engineer, I have been talking about the Cloud for almost a decade, but we are now seeing it come to fruition very quickly. For instance, Microsoft offers their Windows Live services for free. Windows Live offers you 5 GB of free email, 25 GB of free personal storage and free access to […]

Americans Quitting their Jobs in their Quest for Happiness?

May 29, 2011


The other day I  received a text from a client who needed me to send them a file ASAP.  I was at a friend’s house and didn’t have my laptop with me, but thanks to the cloud, where I store all of my important files, pictures, MP3s, etc., I was able to access my files […]