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Using Local Security Policy and Group Policy to Fight Ransomware

December 1, 2016


In an article in Forbes Magazine dated July 15, 2016, a new crypto application called Stampado is being sold on the dark web for $39, targeting buyers who want to make ransom money without having to write any code.  With revenues of over $18 million dollars in 2015, ransomware continues to be the fastest growing […]

Doing this One Thing Will Prevent any Sustained Damage from Ransomware

August 10, 2016


Ransomware has caused a lot of chaos and damage to networks across the globe.  It has also brought a lot of attention and awareness to endpoint protection and network security.  There are a number of security tools that can accentuate your efforts to protect your users and data from this prevailing menace.  Last month we […]

Why Hospitals are such a Target Rich Environment for Malware

April 20, 2016


Think Like a Cyber Attacker Put yourself in the mindset of a cybercriminal for a moment.  You’ve been targeting personal computer devices and phones up to now with ransomware making some fast bucks here and there but you want to go after a bigger target on a grander scale.   You want a quick but sizable […]