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Why shared Storage is Important for your Business

January 4, 2017


We all aware of the mind numbing growth of data being generated today.  It is for that reason that according to IDC, more than 30,000 PB of new external storage system capacity was purchased in 2014 alone, an increase of 30% over the prior year.  Beyond simply being aware of it however, we must learn […]

IT is a Lot Like Life

May 20, 2016


I was participating in a conference call the other day with two executives from INTEL.  The subject was about software defining the datacenter or SDDC.  INTEL prefers to call it, software defined infrastructure or SDI.  However you choose to define it, it is certainly the next step in the in the natural evolution process of […]

SDN – The Next Revolution

May 10, 2016


We are in the midst of a new revolution, a revolution called SDN, or Software Defined Networking.  Revolutions are about delivering impactful change, change that is necessary in order to bring about the substantive attainments that the masses demand.  It seems that a major revolution comes to fruition within the IT and communications industry once […]

Preparing for the Software Defined Datacenter

May 5, 2016


In an article dated August 2, 2012, Forbes Magazine stated. “SDN holds the promise to impact the global economy to a greater degree than any other development including the browser.”1 It went on to say that “It is likely the most valuable IT development in the last generation.” None of this is news to the […]