When is Someday Ever Going to Come – Part 2

Posted on June 9, 2013


Your friends and family know all about your Someday. They’ve tirelessly heard you talk about it all these years over and over again.

They’ve heard you talk about your dreams of starting your own business one day every Friday at those after work get-togethers when you all have a few drinks to kick off the weekend. Every week they’ve heard you complain about the job where both you and your efforts are underappreciated and every week they hear you proclaim yet again how you are going to walk into your obnoxious boss’s office and quit your job “Someday.”

They’ve heard you complain about your spouse time and time again. They always sympathize with you about how your spouse shows you no respect anymore and displays little or no romantic interest in you now. They’ve heard you reiterate the continual stories of how he or she came home last night yet again, or how they continue to verbally cut down your ideas and dreams. They hear you yet again proclaim that you are going to leave your spouse “someday” and find someone who truly loves, adores and respects you.

They’ve heard your ideas for a book you want to write, the invention you have conceived in your mind or the secret opportunity you know about that is going to make you a mint “Someday.”

Yes, they’ve heard all about Someday, more times than they’d care too.

The fact is that your friends are waiting for “Someday” to come as well, so that you’ll move on with your life and they can stop hearing about it.

What are you waiting on?

Do you want to be talking about Someday a year from now? Five years from now? Ten?

Or do you want to be walking the streets of Europe?

Or do you want to be working for yourself doing something you truly love?

Or be wrapped up in the arms of someone who is completely in love with you?

Or be putting the last finishing touches on that book?

Here is the cold hard truth. Until you actually DO SOMETHING, Someday is never going to come.

Nothing is going to magically make things happen for you.

Only you can do it!

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